Deb-B Kamisato, VA Regional Office CFC Coordinator, happily submits their CFC pledges.

Deb-B Kamisato, VA Regional Office CFC Coordinator, happily submits their CFC pledges.

The 2016 CFC Brochure is available in hard copy and PDF versions. To obtain hard copies, contact the CFC Senior Manager.

Click here to view the 2016 Charity Brochure (PDF).

Click here to download instructions on searching the PDF charity list.

CFC Campaign Toolkit

Click on the tabs below to reveal information and resources that will help you run a successful campaign!

Pledge Form

Federal employees, retirees, contract workers and even non-federal employees can contribute to the CFC during the campaign. Donations can be made via a paper form or electronic giving option:

Cash / Check donation - print the pledge form, fill it out and mail it with your cash/check to the CFC office address shown on the form. Keep a copy for your records.
Payroll Deduction - print and complete all three copies. Send one immediately to your payroll office, mail one to the CFC Office address shown on the form and keep one for your records.

Contributions can only be made to organizations listed in the CFC charity list and the charity's five digit code must be used.

Logos, Posters, Graphics

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2016 CFC Graphics



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JPEG     PPT     PDF




Please contact the CFC Senior Manager for trouble-shooting, additional graphics requests or questions. 


Click here to see 2015's message from Honorary Chair, CIA Director Brennan.

Click here to see 2015's National CFC video.

Fundraising Tips & Ideas

Here's a list of some of the best "fun"draising ideas that local federal agencies have held over the years.


Pacific Northwest CFC Fundraising Ideas book (PDF)

Fundraisers are a great way to build awareness about the CFC and boost employee morale. Be sure and get your office director's approval before conducting one.


"How to get 'em there and get 'em in the spirit." 

  • Invite the department head or agency head to say a few words of endorsement for the campaign. 
  • Publicize charity speakers' names in advance. 
  • Provide refreshments. 
  • Have employees turn in completed pledge cards (whether they donated or not) at the meeting. 
  •  Draw one or several of the cards and award prizes to those employees. Make sure this is publicized in advance. 
  • Give away gifts like pens or key rings to the attendees. 
  • Take the meeting to the employees. Instead of meeting in a  conference room, why not go right out into the work area? 
  • Arrange to have employees share their experiences with charity services or tours at the employee meetings. 
  • Combine the CFC meeting with a regularly scheduled staff or safety  meeting. 
  • Hide a prize under one seat. Have everyone check their chair to see if they've won. 
  • Make your own video showing your key persons visiting charities in  your area. 

“Hey you! It’s CFC time!” 

  • Send messages on E-Mail or in-house computer system. 
  • Publish articles in the employee newsletter.  
  • Post information on agency bulletin boards. 
  • Hand CFC posters and banners in heavy traffic areas.   
  • Publicize specific charity programs that your employees’ contributions support. 
  • Announce information on the loudspeaker.  
  • Send memos or letters from the agency head to all the employees.  
  • Put flyers on car windshields.  
  • Place door hangers on office door knobs.  
  • Decorate the elevators, stairwells, and inside of restroom stall doors.  
  • Give out chocolate kisses or fortune cookies with CFC messages.  
  • Ask department heads to talk about the campaign at staff and safety meetings.  
  • Have the agency head or an executive staff person walk through the work place wearing a sandwich board advertising CFC.  


Charity Speakers Bureau

There will be almost 3,000 charities in this year's charity list. Many of these organizations welcome the opportunity to come to your workplace and help you educate your co-workers on how important pledges through the CFC are to the remarkable work that they do.

A Speaker's Bureau List, featuring charities that have confirmed they can provide speakers for your CFC events has been posted below:

2016 Pacific Northwest CFC Charity Speaker List (XLS)

You are also welcome to call any charity in 2016 brochure and invite them to speak at your agency.

If you have never used a charity speaker before, a good first step would be to ask your co-workers about what types of causes they are interested in learning. You can then narrow down your options and call an organization that fits your workplace culture. Having a charity speaker come to your workplace is one of the best ways to demonstrate how CFC donations help our community.

Account ID Numbers

Below are links to three separate files listing the Pacific Northwest CFC federal agency account ID numbers. All files are in PDF format.

CFC Coordinator Information Form

Here will be a form that we ask you complete and submit to our CFC Senior Manager so that we can better serve you during the campaign:

2016 CFC Coordinator Information Form (PDF)