Thanks to our Charity Partners

Your invaluable service to society once again earned the trust of our local federal employees in 2015, inspiring them to donate over $1.1 million from our region - thank you for all that you do! In addition, if you wish to offer suggestions related to the operation of the campaign, campaign materials, or training, we welcome your input. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

How Does the CFC Work?


General Information

The CFC is the only official workplace charitable fundraising program allowed in federal government offices. During a six-week time frame between Sept. 1st - Dec. 15th of each year, the local CFC is promoted and federal employees are given the opportunity to designate a payroll deduction, cash or check donation to any of thousands of charities locally and nationally.

Donations are distributed the following year, beginning in late March. All donation decisions are made by the donors; some charities may receive several thousand dollars, while others may not receive any in a given year. Designations are paid based on funds received.

The application period occurs once annually in the winter and every organization must re-apply each year to participate. Organizations must meet a series of standards, which includes: being in operation for at least one year, be categorized as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization by the IRS, provide real and verifiable services, and a variety of other requirements. See the Application Process section below to determine whether or how you should apply, or go to the national Office of CFC Operations web site for regulations and more info.

  • National or international charities apply via the online application database from December 27th, 2016 to March 17, 2017.

  • Local charities apply via the online application database from December 27th, 2016 to March 17, 2017.

Applications are then reviewed by a committee of federal volunteers to verify eligibility. Approved charities are published in a charity list that is distributed in hard copy format, as a PDF, and made available online to all federal employees within a CFC territory. To see a copy of the most recently completed charity list, please go to our Campaign Toolkit page. Charity lists are usually completed and released to the public in August.

Please see the About Us page for more information about our local campaign.


Application Process

2017 CFC Application Deadlines:  See 2017 Combined Federal Campaign Application Deadline Extension.

  • Local Organizations: December 27th, 2016 to March 17th, 2017
  • National/International Organizations: December 27th, 2016 to March 17th, 2017
  • CFC charity online application system URL:

Charitable organizations wishing to participate in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) must complete an application form annually. Depending on the type of charity you are will dictate the appropriate form. As you consider applying for the CFC, please review the following:

Step 1: What is the scope of my organization's services?

  • If your primary service area covers 15 or more states or a foreign country, you are a national or international applicant
  • If your primary service area is within our CFC boundaries or the serves the entire states of Oregon or Washington, you are a local applicant
  • If your charity serves Oregon or Washington outside of our CFC boundaries, you must obtain an application from the local CFC office to reach employees of that region. Go to the National CFC web site and “Local Campaign Information” for a list of other CFC offices.

Step 2: Which application should I use?

  • If your organization is not associated with any federation, such as United Way, Earth Share, Community Health Charities, etc., then you should apply as an local unaffiliated organization
  • If your organization primarily funds member charities and has 15 or more qualifying members, like the groups above, then you should apply as a local federation
  • If your organization is a member of a federation, and you wish to be listed with that federation, then you should contact your federation office and apply through them.
  • An organization cannot apply in more than one category.


Local Applications

The application period for the 2017 Pacific Northwest CFC is still open from from December 27th, 2016 to March 17, 2017; the application process will be all electronic and will involve both fees for the application and to be listed.

CFC charity online application system URL:



Federations - If you wish to list 15 or more of your members for participation in the CFC, you must distribute, collect and review for approval completed CFC Local Federation Member Applications from each member you wish to include. Unless you are new to the local CFC, please send to the Oregon Federal Executive Board only your federation application and those applications from new members in your federation or those members that did not participate in the CFC the previous year. By regulation, however, you must keep all of your federation member applications on file for three years.

Application Review and Approval/Denial Notification - All local applications are reviewed by a panel of local federal employees to ensure that they meet the CFC qualifications. If preliminarily approved, an applicants' 501(c)3 status must also be reviewed by the IRS before the national Office of CFC Operations gives formal final approval. This process may not be completed until July or early August.

Charities that are denied approval will be notified by certified mail and will have the right to appeal to the Local Federal Coordinating Committee, and also up to the Office of CFC Operations.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the online application system, please call the Customer Care Center at 888-232-4935.  If you have any policy questions, please contact the Office of CFC at 202-606-2564 or send them to


The Pacific Northwest CFC strives to give each charity the opportunity to present their organization's work to federal employees. It is our goal to be unbiased in our promotion of member charities. The charity list, which all Federal employees receive during the campaign, provides a brief description of your charity's services and gives contact information. Other ways to get involved are to:

Promote the CFC through your channels. You may already have federal employees or relatives of federal employees that follow your organization. Announce that you are in the CFC in your newsletter, on your website, and in other communications media. Don't forget to share your five-digit code, so that potential donors won't have to look for it!

Sign up for Speakers Bureau. We distribute the Speakers Bureau list to campaign coordinators and post it on this website. Agencies select charities from this list to speak at meetings and special events during the campaign. You will be notified prior to the campaign to request contact information for this list. 

Note: Signing up for Speaker's Bureau does not guarantee a speaking engagement. If you are contacted to speak, please clear any promotional materials you would like to distribute with the agency leadership through your campaign coordinator prior to your visit.

CFC regulations prohibit charities from soliciting Federal agency personnel for speaking engagements or other promotional activities at Federal agencies. Agencies must invite you to their facility.