How You Can Contribute through the CFC 

There are so many ways to build community through the wonderful non-profit organizations participating in the CFC. Federal employees or contractors on payroll can contribute via payroll deduction, cash, or check. Retirees, contractors not on payroll or even non-federal employees can contribute by cash or check. Participating charities also need your time and talents as a volunteer. See below to learn more about how you can donate, educate, and volunteer!


Donate: Finding a Charity to Support

One philosophy related to giving is this: "Giving should feel good and is ideally connected to a cause you are passionate about." The CFC has over 3,000 non-profits to choose from, so there's bound to be one that you connect with.

Look through a printed charity list or review the PDF version of the campaign brochure to find the organizations serving causes that you care about. Then give through:

Do one of the above, and you've helped build your community!


As a former federal employee, you know from experience that the CFC is a trustworthy and convenient way to give to charity.  What you might not be aware of is that as a federal retiree you can still participate in the CFC.  You will receive the same benefits in retirement as you did as a federal employee: you will know that the charities you give to have been carefully screened by a team of federal employees, your pledge will be processed quickly and accurately, and your name will not be released to charities unless you request it.  

Although CFC regulations do not allow the equivalent of a payroll deduction pledge for retirees, you can make a cash or check pledge.  Please contact your former federal agency to get information about their campaign and receive campaign materials, or please contact the CFC Senior Manager to receive a charity list and pledge form.  


  1. Find out more about the participating charities by searching for them in our Charity Directory and checking out their web sites.
  2. Encourage a meeting at your office to promote the CFC that includes speakers from participating charities. They can share with your colleagues information about the services they provide for the community. Or go on a tour of or volunteer at a local charity to experience first-hand the valuable work that they do.  


We could not run a successful Combined Federal Campaign without the help of literally hundreds of volunteer LFCC members, CFC Specialists, Campaign Coordinators, and Keyworkers.  By volunteering with the CFC you are helping both our member charities and your fellow employees.  Talk to your agency head or contact the CFC Senior Manager if you are interested in volunteering with the campaign.

You can also volunteer with one of our member charities. Most charitable organizations cannot survive without the support of many volunteers. Look through the pages of the CFC Brochure to find an organization that you care about. Contact them to learn more about their volunteer opportunities, and contribute your skills or goods to a cause that interests you. Your time, talents, and resources are needed!