International Volunteer Day

Love contributing through the CFC, but wish you could do even more to give back? New this year is the opportunity to volunteer to for the causes you care about. Give of your time and talent to support your favorite causes through the CFC. Celebrate International Volunteer Day on Dec. 5 and donate your time by volunteering with a CFC charity.

How to get involved:

  • Pledge volunteer hours through the campaign to extend your impact and build on your gift.
  • Encourage co-workers, friends, and family to join you in giving back to help others.
  • Need ideas? Make sandwiches for a community shelter. Read to children attending afterschool care in a low-resource neighborhood. Offer your specialized skills to a nonprofit organization like financial guidance, marketing strategy, or legal advice.

Working together, our volunteer hours make a significant difference for those in need. In 2016, about 63 million Americans gave 8 billion hours of volunteer service. Show Some Love and join the volunteer movement.